Helping and seeing the world


Our mission is to help the world while experiencing it.

We provide thoughtfully-planned trips that combine equal parts of adventure, relaxation, party, community service, and local education. Our team works with and plans the best of the best in terms of accommodations and experiences within the regions we travel to, while also immersing our travelers in the surrounding communities and lending a helping hand.

In addition to our tours, we are actively engaged with our local communities here in the United States and wherever there are EnviCommunity members. In our local community, we partner with nonprofit organizations to provide aid to our most vulnerable communities through toy drives, food handouts and handing out clothes and blankets to those on the streets. Additionally, we have social events and parties for all our EnviCommunity members in local areas.

Our International Community

From Whistler, Canada to Bali, Indonesia - EnviTours prides itself on providing an amazing experience but also leaving a lasting imprint around the globe.

negril, Jamaica

One Jamaica Foundation

EnviTours partners with the One Jamaica Foundation to build schools, improve sanitation, and provide supplies for the community of Port Antonio and the entire Portland Parish.

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Bali, indonesia

Bali's Children Project

EnviTours partners with the Bali Children’s Project to bring education and resources to some of the island’s most rural and underserved areas.

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Curaçao Beach Cleanups

EnviTours partners with local beach clean-up efforts to clean beaches of garbage, glass, and plastics.

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Whistler, canada

Whistler Community Service's Society

EnviTours partners with The Whistler Community Services Society which provides resources, aid, help and continued support to those in need in the Whistler community.

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Our Local Community

We are just as dedicated to giving back within our home country.

east coast

Miami, FL

With Clean Miami Beach several EnviTour participants join in on local beach clean-up efforts in the Miami area.

West coast

Los Angeles, CA

EnviTours has partnered with the Melo Rodriguez Foundation and  Dreamer Youth to hand out free lunches to those in need. Together- we've served food to families, the homeless, and Los Angeles’ most vulnerable communities.

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