Bali Children's Project

Bali Children's Project

EnviTours partners with the Bali Children’s Project to bring education and resources to some of the island’s most rural and underserved areas. In Bali, pre-K and Kindergarten schooling, along with public libraries are established and funded by local communities. However, in many communities, the resources just aren’t there to handle these essential services for children.

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How We're Helping

Through the Bali Children’s Project, EnviTours sponsors the EnviTours School of Early Education in the town of Taro in central Bali. Our partnership has provided us with the opportunity to rebuild, refurnish, and resupply the local kindergarten. We were able to provide teacher training programs and a set curriculum for the school moving forward.

Bali Children's Project History

Started in the 1990s, Bali Children’s Project was founded to ease the vicious cycle of poverty due to a lack of education and opportunity for many of Bali’s most rural communities. The non-profit developed into an island-wide effort to provide the critical services and resources which can help out a local community school and therefore the local community. We are proud to work with such a great organization to expand access to quality early education in Bali.

How You Can Help

Bali Children’s Project is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent. Please help us to transform more libraries in Bali.

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