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Whistler Community Services Society

"A Helping Hand Toward A Healthy Community"

Whistler Community Services Society

EnviTours partners with the Whistler Community Services Society to serve those most in need in the community. The WCSS provides meal services, job opportunities, and alcohol/drug rehabilitation services.

“The support from EnviTours has provided us with funding to supply students and help train teachers.”

How We're Helping

EnviTours partnered with the WCSS to grocery shop, cook meals, and package mealsfor hungry families on New Years Eve. Additionally, much of our efforts go towardspackaging food for the Whistler schools lunch program. This program serves freelunch to students who want it in all Whistler schools. The school lunch program servesstudents from all demographics in both public and private schools, this way there canbe no stigma attached to receiving free lunches.

Whistler Community Services Society history

Whistler Community Services Society incorporated in 1989. In the late nineties, Executive Director Janet McDonald was approached by the Mayor at the time – Hugh O’Riley – to develop a thrift store. The concept was that in exchange for running the business and keeping goods from the landfill, WCSS would use profits to fund social service programming. In 2000, the Re-Use-It Centre opened. It blossomed quickly into a huge success story and one that truly embodies social sustainability. Since then WCSS has expanded its social enterprise to include the Re-Build-It Centre as well as bottle and electronic recycling.  Together these businesses provide 85% of funding required to run social service programming. Additionally, WCSS has become a key player in Whistler in terms of solid waste management and diversion.

How You Can Help

As a non-profit with charitable status, WCSS relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to support community members where they need it most, like the Food Bank, Outreach Services, Connect Whistler and 20 other programs and services.

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