Curaçao Beach Cleanup

Curaçao Beach Cleanup

EnviTours partners with local organizations to clean up the beaches that do not receive proper general cleaning from the local authorities. A local glass and plastics repurposing facility uses the collected rubbish to make art, plant pots, bottles, and other items to be used on the island.

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How We're Helping

These public beaches and waters are essential to the natural beauty of the island and the livelihood of the animals that live in the waters, the locals that use the ocean as a source of income, and the tourists that wish to visit a pristine island. We participate in beach clean-ups and visits to a plastic recycling center to learn about the issues of human pollution in the waters and on the beaches.

The recycling and repurposing center is an innovative way to turn garbage into useful items for the island. The center uses old plastics and glass to make new pieces of art, pottery, and other items used on the island.

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