About EnviTours

Who We Are

We are a luxury, group travel provider dedicated to ensuring quality vacation experiences.

We give back to the local community in every location we travel to through partnerships and collaborations with community service organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We know to lend a helping hand is not a chore but is in fact an opportunity to curate fun, memorable, and life-changing experiences with friends and family.

Our travel community knows we are experts at curating exclusive and unique tours, all with a community service aspect. Our tours are packed with wide-ranging activities from private boat experiences, local chef interactions, cultural immersion, sight-seeing, the best nightlife the destination has to offer, and our partnerships with reputable organizations that are making positive differences in our world.

Our community is our greatest asset. Through our events, travel, and community service we bring people together around our core theory that giving back and being active in our own communities, plus the communities that we visit, is the surest way to create lifelong experiences.

Beyond our vacation experiences, we provide our EnviCommunity with information and offer ways to participate in local initiatives around our home base of Los Angeles, California all the way to Miami, Florida and throughout the country. As the EnviCommunity grows and expands into new areas so will our efforts. We are open to new opportunities and continually are learning new and great ways to get positively involved in the life of others while maintaining our unique Envi style.

The EnviTours Beliefs






A Helping Hand

At EnviTours we are committed to donating our time and resources to the communities that welcome us around the world.


Experience the World

We offer off-the-beaten path tours for travelers seeking to experience something unique.


World’s Finest Cuisine

Private tastings, local hotspots, and personal chefs are customary on any EnviTour and provide guests the opportunity to experience the best a destination has to offer.


Tailored Nightlife

Beach clubs, world class discos, villa hang outs and everything in between. We expertly curate the nightlife for each individual group.

EnviTours Experience: Bali, Indonesia (2019)

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