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Fundraiser for Families in Taro, Bali

$1,410 donated So Far! 

With no tourism due to COVID-19, families in Bali who’ve lost work need your support. With a $40 USD donation, you'll be able to help provide non-perishable food and supplies for families in need.

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Supporting the Bali Community

Our partners at Bali Children’s Project identified 35 families in the community that are in desperate need of assistance, 17 of which have children that will attend the EnviTours School of Early Education and 18 families with children that are either too old or too young to attend the school but are still in need. With their other programs education focused, donating a month of staples can still have a profound impact, relieving pressure on families and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Help Us Reach Our Second Goal

Thank you to all who supported us during our first fundraiser! We've raised $1,410 so far and are excited to continue helping families in Bali!

For just $40, you’ll be able to provide a family in Bali with essential food to last them for approximately a month. Donations through our page will go directly to the Bali Children’s project to ensure your dollars reach the families in need.

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“Although travel has taken a hit and that’s affected business, it’s important to remember those whose livelihoods depend on the economy in Bali to feed their families.

We’re proud to partner with Bali Children’s Project and happy to be in a position where we can continue to be a part of the community.”

Sam Jordan, CEO, EnviTours

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