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One Jamaica Foundation

"Education Can't Wait"

The One Jamaica Foundation

EnviTours partners with the One Jamaica Foundation to build schools, improve sanitation, and provide supplies for the community of Port Antonio and the entire Portland Parish.

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How We're Helping

EnviTours partners with One Jamaica Foundation to increase the access to and quality of education for all Jamaicans. Through One Jamaica Foundation, EnviTours is able to work hands on with local communities on projects such as school beautification, improving sanitation, and community engagement.

One Jamaica foundation history

One Jamaica Foundation was founded May 15, 2013 by Ann-Marie Vaz. The aim of the Foundation is to Take Steps to increase the quality of education being accessed by Jamaicans at the Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary Levels. Today the One Jamaica Foundation works assiduously to ensure that Jamaicans are being connected to the right resources necessary to assist with their personal advancement in education while enjoying what it means to live and enjoy the island we all call home, making it One People, One Heart, One Jamaica.

How You Can Help

One Jamaica Foundation is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent.

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