Ways to Help During the COVID-19 Virus

By Sam Jordan On March 27, 2020

The COVID-19 sickness, commonly known as the Coronavirus, has drastically changed the way us in the United States along with our friends and family around the world are living our daily lives.

What started as a virus has quickly morphed into a large cultural and economic phenomenon. People all over the world are not only taking their health more seriously but also making sacrifices and difficult decisions regarding their social and professional lives.

At EnviTours we’re doing the same, by postponing our EnviTours Bali Experience and canceling many events here in Los Angeles and New York. What we love most is sharing our experiences with friends and family through travel, social gatherings, community service, and parties. For obvious reasons, we’re not hosting or as an organization attending anything of the sort. This is our sacrifice.

This does not mean that everything at Envi has come to a screeching halt. We are still holding regular conference calls, working remotely with the internal team and our external partners and staying in touch with the hard workers on the ground around the world dealing with this crisis and the many others that haven’t taken a break.

As the United States and the world go through this time period it’s important to keep everything in perspective. When things seem dismal, look on the bright side. There are many people out there every day making a difference in combatting this virus, providing food to those in need, working with our homeless neighbors and propping up our way of life. Think of the medical staff working excruciatingly long hours, the grocery/drug/pharmacy store employees still coming into work, the police and firefights, and of course everyone else regardless of their job that is just there to lend a helping hand. The coronavirus is bad, it’s deadly, it’s upending a lot of lives and livelihoods, but as long as we all combat it together and make our own sacrifices for the good of society, we will beat it.There are many ways to help your own community, the United States, and the world, all from your own living room. See our next blog posts for a few ways that you can get involved.

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Ways To Help

This is a rare time when doing nothing is actually doing something. That statement isn’t completely true because for many of us not going to work, avoiding friends and family, not trying out that new restaurant down the street, is actually doing a lot. This is not an easy task. However, this is the task that the federal government and many state and local governments have asked of their people, to socially distance themselves from others.

For those that can help in other ways…just because we are told not to leave our houses doesn’t mean that we can’t lend a hand in many other ways. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways you can help your community, the country, and the world, all from your couch.

Los Angeles

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The LA Food Bank:

With many people out of work or working fewer shifts, money can become tight, no one should have to choose between food and other necessities. The LA Food Bank serves low-income families that are affected by changing school and work schedules due to the Coronavirus; every dollar donated goes towards providing four meals to those in need.

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels:

Our senior population is most vulnerable to falling victim to this deadly virus. The St. Vincent Chapter of Meals on Wheels provides warm meals to seniors and the homebound, shielding them from the risk of contracting the virus.

Local Hospitals and Medical Providers:

 Our healthcare system is being put under immense pressure to deal with this crisis. Medical staff does not have enough supplies to keep themselves safe or help others. Many hospitals and medical providers are taking monetary and in-kind donations of masks and gloves to help fight this virus. Our local hospital of Cedars-Sinai is accepting monetary donations and supplies.

Supporting Local Restaurants and Bars:

Due to mandated shutdowns, restaurants and bars are closed for dine-in customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have your favorite pasta from Olivetta or pizza from Nice Guy. Many restaurants have opened themselves up for extensive take out and delivery options. This is a great way to continue to support your favorite restaurants. Restaurant Hero LA has put together an ongoing list of restaurants open for business, you can also submit other restaurants that aren’t already on the list.

Supporting Local Homeless Shelters:

Our homeless neighbors are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk for contracting this virus and other health issues. It is important to not forget about our homeless community in times of crisis. There are many shelters doing amazing work throughout the city and state. We want to highlight PATH, which provides housing and programs for the homeless around the city and the state.


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Feeding America:

National effort to raise funds to keep food banks across the country stocked.

Feed the Children:

Funds network of organizations that feed food-insecure children around the country.

Restaurant Workers Community Foundation:

Relief fund for restaurant workers and small hospitality businesses.

Direct Relief:

Donations go to purchasing of medical supplies and equipment to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Write Your Member of Congress:

Urge your Member of Congress to act on the Coronavirus.


Finding Truth

Partners in Health:

A global response to support those most vulnerable countries due to failing healthcare systems and lack of medical supplies.

Direct Relief:

Resources from Direct Relief are going to those on the front line around the world fighting this pandemic.

Please share with us and the EnviCommunity other organizations doing great work or ways to help in these unprecedented times!