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Port Antonio, Jamaica

About Port Antonio, Jamaica

Port Antonio is a small town nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Blue Mountains.

This part of the island is unique in that visitors and locals can swim in the sea, river raft, and hike the rainforest all in one day. The natural beauty here is the main attraction, from the famous Blue Lagoon to the mountainous rainforest that overlooks it. Beyond natural beauty, people here love to socialize around the barbecues of jerk chicken, pork, and goat grilling in nearby Boston, the birthplace of Jerk. Port Antonio is a rural town that doesn’t see many foreigners, however it has been a hotspot vacation destination for Jamaicans for years. This is the quintessential, authentic Jamaica experience.

The Caribbeans

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Port Antonio,



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GMT -5

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November-Mid December


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Experience the full scope of Port Antonio, Jamaica from community and culture to food and nightlife.


EnviTours partners with the One Jamaica Foundation to improve access to and quality of education in Jamaica. One Jamaica, based out of Port Antonio, works with local communities to rebuild, refurnish, and beautify schools.


The most notable of Jamaican food is the jerk flavor. The roads are lined with trucks and carts serving up the famous spiced chicken, pork, lobster, and goat.


“Everything irie man” is an expression you’ll hear a lot in Jamaica. It means “it’s all good” and this expression speaks to the culture of Jamaica.


Reggae music, Red Stripe, and Jamaican rum while watching the waves roll in is typical night this paradise get-away.

EnviTours in the Jamaica Community

One Jamaica

EnviTours partners with the One Jamaica Foundation to build schools, improve sanitation, and provide supplies for the community of Port Antonio and the entire Portland Parish.

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Port Antonio, Jamaica

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